At Onyx Gymnastics, we offer children a fun and enriching experience. As a result of our focus on individual development, gymnasts shine with positivity and progress! Scroll or jump to descriptions of our KinderGym, Recreational, Acro-tumbling and Private classes.

Adults can also enjoy our exclusive space, with Stretch, Strength and Balancing classes available (more details here).

Classes can be booked online via our Customer Portal, access via the booking page. Or book in here for a free trial now!


KinderGym is Gymnastics Australia’s program for children aged 0 to 5 years. An all-round approach to children’s wellbeing is followed, which is rooted in our three pillars of movementexploration and development. Class sizes are restricted because this enables us to focus on every child’s unique development. Parents/caregivers have a vital role in these classes, supporting their child as a play mate, role model and cheerleader. 

We offer three classes for your little ones to graduate through:

Moonstones: Walking to 2.5 years

These sessions offer a wealth of play opportunities for toddlers. Children can develop awareness of their body and confidence in their movements in our safe and stimulating environment.

9-9:45am Mon

Sunbeams: 2.5 years to 4.5 years

Our independent little ones have the reassuring presence of their parents at a welcoming session packed with fun!

10-10.45am Mon Wed Fri, 8-8.45am Sat, 9-9.45am Sun

Shooting stars: 4.5 years to 5.5 years

These sessions assist children in development, co-ordination, confidence and self-esteem. In a nurturing but slightly more structured session, coaches guide gymnasts through activities as a stepping stone towards recreational classes.

11-11.45 Mon Wed Fri, 1-1.45pm Tue Thur Fri, 9-9.45am Sat


Onyx Recreational is an exciting structured program suitable for children aged 4-12 years. We have classes from 4-8yrs, 6-10yrs & 9-12 yrs. This program runs 7 days a week and focuses on the fundamentals of gymnastics, from handstands to cartwheels and strength to flexibility – We cover it all! Onyx has our own award scheme for our recreational gymnasts to work through to motivate and reward our gymnasts as they learn.

See our timetable – classes available Mon to Sun

Recreational: Inclusive

This exclusive session is especially for young children with SEND (Special Education Needs and/or Disabilities). Please contact us so that we can welcome your child into our friendly and inclusive environment.

On demand

Acro – Tumbling

Our pathway for perfecting acro tumbles. Classes are for gymnasts aged 6 years or older who want to improve their floor skills and are already confident with elements such as backward rolls and handstands. Please contact us before enrolling if you would like a free skills assessment.

Acro beginners Gymnasts learn handstands, cartwheels, rolls, bridges etc.

12-1.30 Sat

Acro Juniors Gymnasts learn kickovers, back bends, 1-arm cartwheels, front handsprings etc.

4-5.30pm Fri

Acro Intermediate Gymnasts learn walkovers, handsprings and aerials.

4-5.30pm Tue

Acro advanced Gymnasts level up their skills by focussing on back handsprings, front aerials and somersaults.

4:45-6.45pm Wed

Private classes

Private classes (up to two gymnasts) are available with one of our qualified coaches, to help every child with their skills journey.

Private classes take place at various times upon request. Depending on availability, Private sessions take place with either other small groups in the gym or other private lessons. Exclusive access of the gym is available upon request.

Private bookings are also available for adults, for example for gymnastics strength or hand balancing sessions. These can take place in the facility or outside.

Please contact us for more information.

Holiday Camp

Please see here for more information about our themed holiday club, which runs 9-3.30pm out of term time.

Adult Classes

Gymnastics Strength

Adults wanting to improve their core strength and fitness will enjoy this gymnastics-based workout.

Sat 8-9am

Hand Balancing

This class develops balance and control as adults learn to hold positions on their hands. It is most suitable for yoga enthusiasts and circus wannabes.

7-7.45pm Tues Wed

Private classes are also available for adults, either in the facility or outside. Please contact us for more information.